Pandemic situation

Pandemic situation

Although we are positive that by the time you must start your journey to the Event, regulations to control the pandemic situation will be more relaxed, we want you to be aware of the following:

  • Classification Scores and score card entry requirements for the WFAC, are relaxed due to the lack of opportunities to shoot last year.  In practise we are also accepting 3-Year-old scores – If you had last year valid scores, then you are also fine for this year.
  • For your travel and accommodation arrangement, it is your own responsibility to make sure you have a flexible cancellation clause in the agreement with your travel / accommodation provider, allowing cancellation your bookings and have your payment refunded or at least the bigger portion of it.  Such clause shall allow you to cancel up until two (2) weeks before the event as a minimum.
  • Make sure that you have travel insurance that covers the following items:

– Travel cancellation due to personal reasons. (Sickness, unemployment, etc.)

– Trip cancellation.

– Foreign Health Insurance (make sure it does not include a “pandemic exclusion clause”).

– Some insurers are offering Corona Care packages providing you with extra coverage in case of quarantine, costly testing etc.

  • IFAA supports the organisers of the Championships to increase planning security for Participants and Volunteers by agreeing with the relevant Authorities on a Pandemic Management Concept. As this is work in progress, we will provide you with updates on a monthly base or more frequently if so deemed to be necessary.
  • For WFAC – a Go / No-go decision will be made in April, based on the progress of the approval of the Pandemic Management Concept.
  • To the end of May IFAA will update the Event Status (WFAC) for your information. If by this date strict travel restrictions are still in place that would not allow Archers from Non-European Member Associations joining the tournament, the Status of that Event will then be downgraded to a Regional Championship only.