About corona

Corona Virus Review # 2

The Estonian government has imposed a number of restrictions over the past 1.5 weeks (cultural and sporting events, schools, some restrictions on movement). The borders of Estonia are not closed, there is a health check at the borders, and there is a guarantee period for those entering the country.

Over the past 1.5 weeks, the number of people infected with Corona virus in Estonia has increased, while the daily increase in the number of people infected with the virus has slowed down. The number of hospitalized people in Estonia is small, 17 people, 4 of whom have been healed and 4 are in critical condition, we have no fatalities.

Analyzing news from China and Italy shows a slowdown in the spread of the virus. We cannot guarantee that the WFAC2020 will take place or vice versa that it will not. The organizers will continue the preparations for the Tournament. We believe the situation in Europe has returned to normal in the summer and we do not need to announce the tournament will be canceled.


Dear Tournament Participants,

Global news channels daily reflect the state of the Corona virus in various countries. There is relatively little information about the Corona virus in international news channels concerning Estonia.

In this regard, we consider it necessary to share some explanations about the situation in Estonia.

Today, March 13, the Estonian government declared a state of emergency in the country, which will last until May 1st. The emergency situation involves various activities aimed at stopping the spread of the virus, mainly to prevent the spread of the virus across the state border into Estonia. There are currently 40 infected people in Estonia whose contacts and people they have been in contact with are known and isolated. People’s awareness of how to prevent the spread of the virus is quite high.

The organizing committee believes that the WFAC will take place on time. When new circumstances of the Corona virus occur in Estonia, we will publish them immediately on the Tournament website.

At the same time, we announce that we have begun the activities and materials production needed to run the Tournament. In connection with the above, from March 15th all changes related to bow styles, names of competitors, etc. will be subject to a fee of € 20. This fee is not related to the refund of the entry fee!

The fee for making these changes will be paid on the spot at the venue, in cash upon registration.