Jõulumäe Recreation Centre

  • 149 km from Tallinn / EST / Tallinn Airport (TLL)
  • 161 km from Riga / LAT / Riga Airport (RIX)
  • 237 km from Helsinki / FIN / Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL)

Jõulumäe Sports and Recreation Centre is situated in the northern part of the Tolkuse – Rannametsa bog and dune area, and the Tolkuse bog near Võiste and Uulu is one of the most unique landscapes even beyond the borders of
Estonia. It is a scenic place just close by: drive 24 km away from Pärnu along the Riga Road, then turn left at Metsaküla and carry on for about 3 km.


Accommodation is in Jõulumäe possible in main building, stadion house or camp houses. Booking ONLY by WFAC2020 homepage by registration. Look closely accommodation options in Jõulumäe Recreation centre here.

The Recreation Centre has become a favorite spot for conventions and reunions. Each year, traditional health days in 10 – 12 sports are arranged at the Jõulumäe Recreation Centre. In autumn 10 km race in the woods and in winter 30 km  Jõulumäe ski race are the most popular events. The territory of the Jõulumäe Recreation Centre, which has been developed into a forest park, is about 2.5 square kilometeres. One can enjoy the singing of birds in spring, pick loads of bilberries and cowberries in summer, and every basket will be full of mushrooms in autumn.